Questions To Consider About Backlink Analysis

The analysis of backlinks is a very repeated concept in the world of web positioning. This is why more and more people are turning worried to link trackers for fear that their backlinks will be published in domains of dubious quality. But a question of weight arises here, are the links the most important?

The type of links and the way they are inserted into a website indicates whether it is a container structure for links that are friendly to the Google algorithm or, on the contrary, a system of artificial construction of networks of inbound links to a website.

However, essential factors such as:

SEO adaptation of the internal configuration of the page.

  • Quality of content loading.
  • Variety of attributes in the backlinks.
  • Relationship between the theme of the site and that of the page to which it is pointed.
  • Congruence of the anchor text.
  • Naturalness in the way of inserting the links.

These points are by no means a magic formula since Google is very secretive with its tricks, but they are fundamental questions to ask beyond the quality of the backlinks. The strange thing is that a website only points towards pages with an excellent ranking since it could be Link spamming.

What Is Backlink Analysis Used For?

The links being the most critical factor, we will have to work on them even more if you want to have an ideal SEO strategy.

As you can see, a good link will help increase your positioning, while a bad link will have the opposite effect.

This analysis can be helpful before the placement of links since it will be essential to know on which website it is placed. 

But we can also carry out an analysis after these have already been placed because sometimes, we do not necessarily master all our links. 

After the Penguin update, we saw some unethical techniques from SEOs. We are thinking in particular of Negative SEO. There are several ways to proceed, but we will take one example: placing bad-quality links on the web to block your competitor’s SEO. These are things that happen, and you have to know how to get rid of them.

So, Should Backlinks Be Analyzed?

The moral of the above suggests that yes, it is vital to ensure the quality of the backlinks, but keeping in mind that the analysis of backlinks should not be limited to the ranking of the pages to which it is pointed. It is vital to guarantee the website’s integrity in its entirety, from its appearance, the frequency of its activity to the proportion of attributes it uses.

Search engines reward usefulness and relevance for having the best possible experience when accessing search suggestions. Based on this, it would be strange that the page it appears has little content and publishes an excessive number of links at a specific time, continued with long periods of inactivity.

It is increasingly strange that these types of sites are the first in the search results. However, some still sneak in because they are technically working on the link-building strategy and have the necessary updates to get along with the algorithm. Still, the tendency is for them to fall once the spider monitors the links and finds inconsistencies.

Before Google tightened its measures, it was customary to buy and sell links to distribute the backlinks as spam in large lists through forums, comments, headers of certain websites, etc. Techniques that today are instantly blacked out from Black Hat.

At present, these platforms dedicated to buying and selling are the first to highlight the importance of the quality of the site and its relationship with the content to be promoted. Looking above all naturalness before Google and transparency with users, they manage the proportion of attributes. Follow links are included and no-follow and the new variants of sponsored in forums and online communities.

With this, careful link-building strategies are achieved, which pay attention to the transfer of authority and the visibility of the content; hence, they only operate with trustworthy pages since these will include the backlinks with an anchor text that predicts what hides behind the click, within a text related to the topic and the site’s general theme.

Other Important Considerations

So far, it is clear that the site where the links are inserted is important, but there are two issues to be determined: the study of these websites at the time of publication and the relevance of the anchors to be used.

To be clear, the most fruitful thing is that the analysis of the backlinks of a website is carried out by a professional since the available trackers can give misleading information.

Apart from the fact that each tracker meets specific criteria that vary the results returned, its operation is different from that of the Google algorithm.

The Google spider crawls the web pages of a site to obtain a ranking, so it moves through the links until it has collected the necessary information. This means that it does not look at all of them, unlike the commonly used trackers that travel through all the links on a site without making any distinctions in relevance and quality.

If this in itself messes up the information output, the results can be even worse if the configuration of the robots.txt and .htaccess files wholly or partially restrict access by crawlers.

In the end, they end up investing too many temporary resources for results that vary depending on the tool used and differ from the reality considered by Google.

The experts know this and manage their own crawls and enhance the ranking through anchors of different relevance, achieving that without these being the most expensive. The logic is not that it is good; without it being brilliant to the extent that it is normal, natural. A brand positioned in the best media and only with the best anchors is a clear sign that the positioning has been bought.

Final Words

In this sense and as a last tip, it is convenient to position yourself with different anchors and bet on various media, such as blogs, press releases, and websites related to the theme you want to promote. Get link building help with reliable SEO agency, Channel side solution

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