Local SEO – Taking Advantage of the Internet in Times of Pandemic

Faced with expectations that, as a result of Covid-19, pose erratic limitations to our mobility, the Internet makes its way through local businesses. A golden opportunity for many businesses, but which, in turn, requires some knowledge about the so-called local SEO positioning. This is opted to retain lifelong customers and to expand potential consumers.

Local Commerce on Your Computer

With an extraordinary boom in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, online shopping has accelerated around the world. The proliferation of online commerce today also meets the criteria of a more demanding consumer who, in addition, wants his product quickly, wants to reach items beyond what the face-to-face stage allows. In this sense, the network becomes an access portal to a vast market. However, mobility as a trigger has been reduced to a kind of local online commerce. And with it, altering the ordinary way of the so-called SEO positioning.

In the terminology of digital and Internet marketing, SEO positioning is a strategy that allows a business to appear more quickly in Internet searches. It is a series of tactics to gain a place among the great competitiveness that said space confers to be among the first options, which a user finds. This article, however, paves the way for a different SEO positioning that, with more sense than ever, is local. Thus, considering the limitation mentioned above of mobility in this “new normal,” based on those stores or physical premises closest to the user.

What is local SEO?

Although some products can be delivered comfortably to our homes despite the distance that separates the consumer from the supplier, some businesses require face-to-face assistance. Businesses such as a butcher shop, a hair salon, and even a computer or mobile phone repair shop are putting themselves in context, current regulations establish today that, during this new de-escalation, citizens limit themselves to moving throughout their city or region, but not beyond. For this reason, it is expected that many citizens will carry out a quick search on the Internet to determine where a specific store is located in case of going out to buy.

At this point, and before delving into the question, it is necessary to talk about the state of digitization in the world. Digitization is known as the process by which, in this case, a business jumps out of physical space to gain a presence on the Internet, that is, in digital space. Positioning itself, more and more companies are opting to join the network, both in a promotional or advertising way and by joining the so-called e-commerce. In countries like China, due to Covid-19, Internet purchases have skyrocketed by 78%, which has also happened here and in many other countries around the world. Therefore, it is clear: to exist in the network is necessary to survive in the market.

The online projection of an international company does not make any kind of geographical distinction. That is, since your potential customers are located around the world, your positioning will be general for all users. However, in general, a local business owes its subsistence to local consumers. Therefore, it would not make sense for its positioning in the network to be general. Therefore, it will be more optimal and accurate to restrict it to neighboring geographical areas. And that’s precisely where local SEO comes in. Outlining an SEO positioning strategy, but instead of opening up everywhere, performs a proximity screening and prioritizes the closest potential consumers.

The Digitization of a Business

Although it may seem a relatively an easy task, the process of digitizing a business involves many other factors that must be taken into account. First of all, we must understand that it is a different medium. Therefore, the image and the interaction with the public must be different from the physical one. In this sense, social networks and their link with companies have played an essential role since they become incredibly agile communication channels between the company and its client.

In the same way, our website must also obey specific criteria to gain positioning. And, at the same time, be ergonomic and intuitive for those who have happened in this time, are accessing online commerce for the first time due to mobility restrictions.

The various search engines on the Internet filter content using keywords, prioritizing graphic documents and other resources that, in their opinion, are suitable for gaining a presence on the Internet. Since our knowledge of local SEO positioning may be limited, it is also advisable to hire an expert who, with experience and expertise, will adequately position our local business taking into account both its potential clients and its operating capacity.

Strategy and Opportunity

The economic ravages of the pandemic have left many companies and workers in the lurch. The one with less confidence in short-term stability has been forced to reinvent or succumb. For this reason, local SEO positioning, in the interests of an increasingly digital future with less face-to-face approach, has become an indispensable element of the company of tomorrow.

Likewise, it is not just a one-time resource to survive whatever bad has happened due to this virus. If not, instead, a new business model that at the same time can even project our local businesses beyond their expectations. We must assume a future for the business’s good and obedience to the buyer of today and the future.

Sometimes people look for information about your company, they know the name, but they need a phone number or the address. Other times, people search for a specific service or type of business without specifying a specific company, such as a physiotherapist in Seville or simply a physiotherapist.

Final Words

To satisfy these searches, Google will display three possible types of results, a corporate website, a Google+ Local profile, or a listing in a directory. With local SEO, we increase the chances of appearing on Google in these three ways. So, indulge yourself in an online business and hire the best search engine optimization companies

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